Green Dragon Bus

The Wednesday Clydau to Cardigan Dial-a-Ride

Tegryn / Mynachlogddu to Cardigan.

Mynachlogddu at approx 9.30 a.m. and head across to Tegryn and then continue into Cardigan.

Returning from: Tesco’s via Finch Square (opposite the Church).

If anyone needs to be picked up in the centre of town then please organise this with the driver before you get off the bus.

Return time is at the discretion of the driver after talking to the passengers present on the day to ensure they all have time to do their shopping.

This is what is meant by a “Flexible” service!

Booking telephone number 0800 7831584

How does this Dial-a-Ride work?

You telephone the booking number given above (before 4pm on the working day preceding the day you wish to travel) which is the Transport Dept., of PCC.

They will take your name & number & will give the details to the driver before the service starts.

To use this Dial-a-Ride service you must be a member of the organisation. You may join by paying the driver when you first travel on the bus. Your driver will have the membership form for you.

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